Amit Patel is a
creative guy.

Hello, I am Mr. Amit Patel a visual communicator, designer, creative thinker and all around crafty guy. My expertise is in design, user experience, information architecture, and strategy. I enjoy leading and designing creative initiatives for startups and larger companies. I spend most of time as an Art Director and User Experience designer for UnitOneNine - A creative agency in Chicago, IL.

My work is user-focused and maintains a balance between beautiful and functional user-experiences. As a multi-disciplinary designer and strategist, I am likely to contribute to multiple phases of a project from inception to completion.

I am currently accepting freelance engagements &
would like to build something with you.

    Clients I've worked with:

    Obama, Patagonia, Mozilla, NEC, Baker/Kohler, Amway, Jim Beam, Jones Lang LaSalle, Gatorade, Analytics 8, TD Ameritrade

    Agencies I've worked for:

    Sender, SomeOddPilot, The Royal Order of Experience Design, UnitOneNine