Amit Patel–Design Director

I'm a design partner for products, brands and experiences.

I'm known for leading innovation, a strategic mind-set, and my player-coach leadership style.

About me

I'm driven to create transformative products, brands and experiences through human-centered, insights-informed, design.Learn more

Amit Patel

A driving force in my work is a passion of design and the pursuit to create innovative, engaging and effective solutions.

Most times this means rolling up my sleeves and diving deep into the unknown and learning challenging new domains. Whatever the means, I provide value throughout the design lifecycle from research and synthesis to leading multi-disciplinary teams to hands-on design and prototyping.

Prior to consulting full-time, I held the position of Design Director at The Office of Experience, where I led cross-functional teams in an effort to solve problems across brand, product, and experience design.

In my role as a Design Director, I collaborated with strategists, UX architects, and product owners, often beginning each engagement by defining the problem, and then moving through the ideation and execution phases. I also managed and mentored a group of individual designers, helping them set both performance and career goals.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Dribbble and LinkedIn and read my articles on Design on Medium.


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