Amit Patel

Hi, I'm Amit. I'm a Chicago based, product designer creating new products & digital experiences.

Currently a UX Designer @ Google (Contract) on AR/VR experiences.

About me

My main jam is building beautiful, usable and intuitive products; my side hustle is baking bread. I'm pretty good the former, worse at the latter.

Amit Patel

I have worked at agencies, startups, and large technology companies on many different products and brands. As a player coach, I lead teams through the human-centered design process focusing on effective ROI while ensuring quality outcomes.

Most times this means rolling up my sleeves and diving deep into the unknown and learning challenging new domains. Whatever the means, I provide value throughout the design lifecycle from research and synthesis to leading multi-disciplinary teams to hands-on design and prototyping.

Prior to consulting full-time, I held the position of Design Director at The Office of Experience, where I led cross-functional teams in designing products, brands and experiences.