Holding the future to a higher standard.

CSA Group has a long but hidden history in ensuring the products we use on a daily basis are safer for all. The CSA mark represents the gold standard in safety assurance and is found on products ranging from sinks and homewares to some of the most complex electronics in the world.


The Challenge

Tell an unique story and express it to the world.

With over 100 years in making the world a safer place, CSA Group needed to renew their global story. The goal? An update that recognizes the 100 years of innovation and while leaving a legacy of holding the future to a higher standard.

The updated needed to get to the core of what CSA does and accurately represent all aspects of the business to tell a much deeper story. A story that expressed the intelligence of CSA's workplace and their compassionate hearts.

My Role

I was a hands-on Creative Director leading the branding, brand expression and digital experience. I traveled to over 4 countries and art-directed a multi-month long photoshoot.


Creative Director


The Office of Experience


1.5 Years


Brand, Digital


Revisiting the mark that started it all.

Renewing the logo meant revisiting past incarnations of the CSA mark to truly understand the evolution of the identity. As a symbol that appears on thousands of products in the world, a radical redesign would mean endless hours of updating and create inconsistency across old and new product badging. I opted to perfect the original CSA mark from the 1900's mark by retaining the timeless quality of the geometric shape while refining the form optically and true geometry.


Expressing the brand.

From color, typeface selection, iconography and photography - all aspects of the brand were in service of creating a visual identity that manifests the brands characteristics. A color palette was selected that represented credibility and trust but also carry the gravitas of immediacy. I selected Acumin and Tiempos as primary typefaces to


Shoot globally, source locally.

A team of three traveled the globe to meet CSA employees from all segments of the company. Our intent, to capture CSA's diverse offering and tell the story of CSA's unknown story through photography.


Elevating a unique story.

CSA Group audiences are corporations looking to ensure the safety of the products they produce and a non-profit wing that is dedicated to the advancement and creation of standards themselves. The website was designed to cater to both sides of the business with easy to find information on testing and certification as well as standards creation.



Global language learning.