Simplifying the relocation process.

iMove is a digital product designed to simplify the relocation process. Funded by Sirva, the employee relocation expert, iMoves main intent was to allow someone to manage their move from the palm of their hand. The product built from scratch took needs assessments, multiple concepting phases, brand concepting and final designs to get it right.


The Challenge

How do you simplify the employee relocation process?

Relocating across the country for a new job or career can be stressful. Finding a new home, selecting the right moving service and completing all of the other necessary pre-move items can be a challenge. Quoting Costs and budgeting adds another level of complexity.

Fortunately iMove, by Sirva, is here to make the process simple. With a native application on both the iOS and Google Play, employees and HR teams can plan and manage every step of the move.

My Role

As a Creative Director and Product Designer, I co-lead a team of UX researchers, architects and designers from initial concepts to final designs.


Product Designer, Creative Director


The Office of Experience


8 months


iOS Native


Map the journey with stakeholders.

Through live workshops with stakeholders, we mapped the entire relocation process and used empathy matching exercises to put ourselves in the shoes of prospective movers. The output of the exercises allowed us to generate specific priorities for the iMove app as well as additional services and offerings that would allow Sirva employees aid and assist in relocations.



Explore bold ideas.

To help define the overall scope, features and requirements, I explored a range of creative solutions that would assist both movers and back of the house providers in an effort to reduce common pain points during the relocation process. Each visioning option was branded and helped visualize how the experience would look, sound and feel to an end-user.



Product Branding

Every digital product has an equally great brand expression. I explored multiple logo options, quickly defined typography and established a color palette. All of the foundational work helped define the overall UI of the experience and set the stage for further UI engineering.


Product Design

Final UI Designs

Interface design came together quickly after understand the nature of the experience. We focused on delivering content through a timeline and showing insights, quotes and other relevant information along the way.



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