Mack Builder

Build your own Mack.

Mack Builder is a product configurator experience that allows anyone to realize the Mack Truck of their dreams. The digital experience allows customers to customize the family of Mack Trucks with a focus on minimal options, colors and configurations. The tool serves as an engaging way to interact with the product portfolio while creating quality leads for Mack.

Mack Builder

The Challenge

How can we empower Mack customers to build the truck of their dreams?

Mack Trucks are known in mass culture for the legendary durability and reliability. While the saying 'built like a Mack' exists, there was no way real way to build your own - the missing gap in Mack's digital ecosyste.

Mack Builder captured on this request by allowing customizations that were tailored for business needs and met the everyday desires of drivers. The goal? Allowing a customer to envision a Mack Truck of their dreams, submit their build and be contacted by a Mack specialist.

My Role

I lead the user experience design of the project across concepting, interaction design and UI design. I partnered with UX Strategy, Project Managers and Account Strategists to bring concepts to reality.


Lead Product Designer


The Office of Experience


8 months


Responsive Web


Start with Understanding the audience.

Working alongside UX Strategy and with existing personas in hand, we dived deep to understand customer intent, motivations and behaviors. The main takeaways, truck configurations are dissimilar to automotive configurations in that, there's infinite more variations. Likewise, commercial truck buyers have specific business goals in mind when configuring products.

Experience Flow

Map the experience from start to finish.

I collaborated closely with UX Strategy and UX Architects to map out the experience journey from initial entry points to exits. By framing the experience in it's entirety, we were able to break sections of the experience into sprints and prioritize efforts.



Sketching possible solutions.

Throughout the design process, I sketched ideas and created mockups in varying degrees of fidelity. The goal? To align internal teams and external stakeholders in how the experience might function, look and overall, work.




A clickable prototype and an IXD prototype made in Framer validated some early assumptions on an interaction model, likewise was instrumental in communicating intended behavior to engineers.



Final Designs

High-fidelity views were designed as a final deliverable to developers with a focus on conveying a digital-first Mack brand. While the design reflected the core of Mack's brand guidelines, I extended the styling of buttons, icons and digital styles.


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