Spectrum Enterprise

Humanizing B2B telecom.

Spectrum Enterprise was conceived following the merger of Time Warner Cable with Charter Communications as well as the acquisition of BrightHouse Networks. The newly forged company services small-to-medium sized business with telecom and internet solutions and is a direct competitor to AT&T and Verizon enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise

The Challenge

How do you communicate a unique brand promise in the telecom space?

The telecom space is cluttered with many small telecoms and ISP providers as well as giant behemoths like AT&T and Verizon. Following a rebrand, Spectrum Enterprises unique advantage was quite clear - a telecom that goes above and beyond to solve customer needs while providing customized solutions for every challenge.

As a new entrant to the enterprise telecom space, Spectrum Enterprise needed a digital destination that addressed this problem and served as a platform for future growth.

The Spectrum Enterprise website is designed to address customers needs during their buying journey, offers resources for education and provide tools to help right-size products and offerings for all telecom needs

My Role

As the Creative Director on the account, I lead a multi-disciplinary team from discovery to execution. I oversaw all aspects of UX, Creative and was an individual contributor on concept design and digital experiences.


Digital Creative Director


The Office of Experience


1.5 Years


AOR, Brand, Digital


Research, review and synthesize.

During the Discovery phase, I partnered with UX Strategy and an Account Director to understand all aspects of the business from user and stakeholder research, market and competitive insights as well as out-of-market analogs.



Create an IA model that addresses needs

Working alongside a dedicated UX Architect, we crafted a model that addressed content needs across user-types. The model served as a foundation for content-hierarchy across the site as well as on pages.



Address needs through content.

Throughout the experience, we ensured content hierarchy was a response to user needs. The order of content on pages mattered and a versatile design system was needed to address current and future use-cases.

Frame 20

Brand Extension

Be Unreasonable.

To tell Spectrum Enterprise's unique challenger brand story, we created a digital destination that celebrates those who had challenges and rose to exceed them. The multi-week engagement required quick prototyping of interactions and exercises in finding the right content framework to drive home the concept.

Landing HoverSpectrum

Digital Tools

Find the solution right for you.

To help assist in the solution finding process, I designed an experience that allows users to answer a series of questions and be paired up with a solution bucket thats right for them. The digital experience was a great way to communicate Spectrum's domain knowledge while serving as lead-gen tool.


Awards & Outcomes

The vastly improved digital experience lead to a 32% increase in leads across all lead-gen forms and an increase of 67% in content engagement. A new digital design system allowed Spectrum Enterprise to quickly add pages and tailor content to specific users. Our work on Spectrum Enterprises won Best Telecommunications and Best ISP site in 2021.


Holding the future to a higher standard.